Different Styles Of Men Wallets

A Wallet:

A wallet is said to be a man’s best friend. It is a small case, with compartments used to carry important personal items like credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, driver’s license, gift cards, business cards, gift cards. Some are also designed to be able to fit photographs, sim cards, and even phones. They are usually made of leather, nylon, canvas or fabric. Some are designed to have other features such as fasteners, zippers, straps, metal clutches, flips, etc. Most of them are designed to be foldable so they fit conveniently into one’s pocket or are carried about with ease. Wallets also make fashion statements and can be used as a measure of wealth and status.

Wallets come in different sizes and shapes. Some examples are Breast Wallet, Long Wallet, Money Clip Wallet, Front Pocket Wallet, Wristlet, Check Book Wallet, Shoe Wallet, etc.

Features of a Good Wallet:

A man would make a choice of wallet based on some factors. These factors include:

  • Size: The size of the wallet matters to a great extent. It should not be too big not to fit into the side pockets. On the other hand, it cannot be too small. It has to big enough to fit in the pocket without unnecessarily excess space. It must fit well so it does not get so easily picked or fall off on its own accord. It also has to be lightweight and portable.

  • Functionality: This feature refers to the capacity of the wallet to carry items. One would want to see if the number of compartments and slots is suitable to accommodate all his items; such as credit cards, receipts, and documents.

  • Quality: The quality of the product material is one feature to consider as well. If it is a leather wallet, one would want to know if its high quality, top-grain or genuine leather. This is important as it would determine the usefulness of the wallet and how well it would serve. High quality has a soft and nice feel to touch, natural smell and greater guaranteed to last longer.

  • Comfort: The ease at which a wallet can be carried and used would also be considered. They are supposed to provide a level of convenience while retrieving personal items. When it becomes a struggle, then it may not be the best of choices.

  • Durability: Another feature to consider while selecting a wallet is its durability. One would need to consider how long the wallet would serve. As the wallet is an important part of a person’s day-to-day, it would need to serve for at least a while. It would also be necessary to look beyond the beauty of the design to the quality of the product material, as that would determine its durability to a large extent.

  • Craftsmanship: This is a very important feature too. A poor craftsman can make a low-quality product even from high-quality leather. Craftsmanship refers to the attention given to details while cutting and sewing. It refers to the beauty of the art itself; how the pattern and design are excellently and neatly put together. 

  • Appeal: Another factor one would want to consider is the appeal and popularity of the design. Many would prefer more popular and trendy designs than old fashioned ones. This would add to the class, status and entire appearance of the owner.

  • Other Unique Features: While selecting a wallet, one would also want to check out its additional features and how they take care of his unique needs. With everyday changes and advancement in technology, one may need to be sure the wallet has features to accommodate these innovations.

Types of Wallets:

Wallets also come in different types depending on the product materials. These types include:

  • Elastic Wallets:

These wallets make the most suitable choice if you want a minimalist wallet. They are usually slim and very portable. They can fit into most pockets and are very flexible; hence the name elastic. They are also soft and quite affordable. However, their elastic nature may become loose over time and lose the capacity to secure your items. You can also have a few card slots in this type of wallet. This product material is not guaranteed to last very long.

  • Metal Wallets:

These types of wallets are also good choices if you desire a minimalist wallet. They are usually made of aluminum and titanium, thereby guarantee to last long. They are designed as a set of plates secured by an elastic band. They come with smooth surfaces that make it easier to pull in and out of your pocket. Metal wallets can withstand damage from weather conditions and are also waterproof. However, they may not give so much comfort when placed in your back pocket. They can also harm your fabric. They are also heavier than other types of wallets.

  • Polyester Wallets:

This type of wallet material is made from artificial fibers and used as an alternative to leather. Wallets made from this material are durable and offer various colors to meet your unique taste. They also have scratch-resistant qualities. They are easy to clean and more affordable than leather wallets.

However, they are not eco-friendly since they are not natural. Making these wallets would involve the use of chemicals. The casual design of these wallets may also not suitable for formal occasions.

  • Leather Wallets:

These types of wallets are the commonest and the most recommended type of wallet. The best among them is the Italian leather wallet. Leather wallets come in different types, designs, styles, texture, and rigidity. Leather wallets have a soft and nice feel. They also have very smooth surfaces that make for easy pull in and out of your pocket. They are very durable and still look good even as they get older. They also offer varieties of designs to fit your unique taste. Al leather wallet can be carried to any kind of event. The demerit of a leather wallet would be that it could get bulky and thick, are not water-resistant and could be a bit more expensive than other types of wallets.



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