Leather wallets certainly differ from wallets that only come from synthetic materials. This is certainly inseparable from the several advantages that will be obtained by consumers when he has a wallet from leather such as:

– Elegant and luxurious impression

When a man buys a wallet product made of leather, of course, the impression of elegance and luxury will be felt more, not only because the price of a wallet is usually more expensive than synthetic products, but also because of its clear quality guaranteed. Because the color of the leather wallet is generally shiny and soft, the impression of elegance will be increasingly seen when the print design of the leather on the surface of the wallet is a rare design.

– Durable

This one product will generally be more durable when compared to other products. This can be proven by burning leather, which is generally a wallet made of genuine leather will not be flammable.

– Do not irritate

Because it is made from genuine animal skin, this one product will not irritate any consumer who has it when touching it. This product will feel comfortable when held and does not cause any allergies in the leather.

– Light

Wallet products made from genuine animal skin will generally feel light and soft to the touch. Thus, you will not find it difficult to put it in your pants pocket or jacket pocket.

– Distinctive aroma

Products made from genuine animal leather have a distinctive scent due to the hormones in the animal. This scent will generally come out when the material is burned and it can help you distinguish it from fake products. After understanding the benefits of leather products, of course, you want to get a wallet, belt, or other quality leather products.

+ 100% Leather
+ Large Quad fold wallet from the popular Monza Collection
+ Holds 8 Creit Cards + 3 Window ID
+ Snap Coin Compartment + Additional zipped compartment for keys

+ GIUDI – The top Italian brand

+ FUNCTIONAL & SLIM – MANHATTAN’s pockets hold up to 9 cards

Compare Pros & Cons  Italian Leather Wallet



  • The leather material is one of the softest and smoothest types of materials.
  • In addition, given how smooth the leather is, the wallet is hence comfortable for you to carry.
  • The leather is tough and durable, which can last for a long time.
  • Not only does leather make the wallet durable and long lasting, it also makes the wallet look even nicer over time.
  • In addition, since the leather is one of the most popular types of materials for wallets.
  • Last but not least, a leather wallet is a very versatile accessory.



  • It is long (but you should keep in mind that it is still very thin, depending on the model you get).
  • You can’t fold this wallet.

– Has more value

Wallets made of genuine leather have a higher value than wallets made of synthetic leather. For those of you who pay attention to appearance, of course using products made from genuine leather will make you appear more classy.
If at any time you feel bored with your wallet and want to replace it with a new one, you can resell it with almost the same sale value as when you bought it, because everyone already knows how the quality of a genuine leather wallet. This certainly can not be done with a wallet made from synthetic leather.

– Easily treated

Periodic maintenance on the wallet will certainly make the wallet durable. Not so difficult to care for a wallet made of genuine leather. Only need to be wiped using a clean dry cloth regularly or once there is dust or dirt attached. Your leather wallet will still be maintained quality. Genuine leather care medicine is quite easy to find in leather shops/supermarkets.

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